Meet the exhibitor: Jasmine Alexa

Wed Apr 19 0:00:00 UTC 2017

Jasmine Alexa offers Melbourne made day activewear.

I launched Jasmine Alexa in August 2016 because:

I was frustrated with not being able to find clothes that suited my active lifestyle. I wanted pieces that allowed me to dress effortlessly for any activity whether it be going to gym, or going to work or running errands, and I soon realised I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

The inspiration behind my brand is:

I have been heavily inspired by Japan and Japanese culture, especially Wabi –Sabi, the Japanese design principles. These principles emphasise that design should be purposeful, uncomplicated and most importantly honest. This ethos and inspiration has become an important part of my design process and helps the development of focused design that is refined and timeless.

The brand's point of difference is: Jasmine Alexa is aiming to be an identity rather than just a brand.

Before I launched the brand, I:

Graduated from the Whitehouse Institute of Design in 2010, and two months later, and at the age of just 20, I opened a women’s clothing and accessories boutique in Melbourne. I still run the boutique today, alongside Jasmine Alexa. It has given me invaluable insight into all facets of the industry, from buying and working closely with other designers and wholesalers, to stock management, visual merchandising and most importantly, assisting and listening to customers. Being out on the floor with them, has given me a world of knowledge in consumer spending behavior as well as a deeper understanding of what people look for in the clothing that they buy.

Jasmine Alexa is targeted at customers who:

Lead very active lifestyles. Going from the gym to work to social events in one day is a common occurrence. They are both health and fashion conscious, yet consume wisely and thoughtfully.

The brand's point of difference is:

Jasmine Alexa is aiming to be an identity rather than just a brand. It is positioned as active daywear for active lifestyles, with the core being focused around encouraging women to move freely through all elements of life through its minimalistic aesthetic, functionality and timeless design. Aside from this, Jasmine Alexa is soon rolling out a second aspect of the brand, through a campaign called ‘This Is Me.’ ‘This Is Me’ is about creating a community of strong, fearless and brave women to inspire those who need inspiring. We have interviewed women from all walks of life whom have openly shared their stories of hardships and overcoming them. Some have faced body image issues; others have recovered from drug addiction and even those who have simply accepted what cannot be changed in their lives. Our point of difference, is about being more than just a clothing brand, and instead developing an ideal that encompasses an entire lifestyle.

My collection at Fashion Exposed will include:

Wool blend sweaters, 3D textured crops and singlets, detailed shorts and structural trans-seasonal overcoats…just to name a few.

My favourite piece from the collection is:

The stretch wide leg pants with textural side panels (they are yet to be named)- designed for women of all shapes and sizes!

The wholesale price points for the range are:

Starting at around $20 for tanks, up to $140 for the more detailed outerwear.

The fabrics and colourways include:

Always monochrome with a strong focus on texture. Fabrics include cotton blends, wool blends, mesh, textured ottoman, stretch poly, heavy structured double crepe with stretch and polyester spandex with four-way stretch, moisture wicking properties and breathable, UV protection.

It is manufactured in:

Majority in Melbourne with a few pieces being manufactured in China. I have been very fortunate to have found some incredible people to work with, both locally and off shore. I prefer a more hands on approach with the manufacturing process, which finds me in the factories overseeing the entire process. I also have travelled to China to form these off shore relationships to find the right suppliers whom can produce to a very high standard and are ethically run.

Jasmine Alexa is currently stocked at:

Rubi Fit, Xtend Barre Studio Melbourne, Hyperluxe and Casa Mimo.

My dream for the brand is:

My dream for Jasmine Alexa is to be a positive contribution to today’s fast pace world. A go-to brand that will not only allow people to dress with ease, but also be an accomplice to their busy lifestyles.

I predict the biggest trend this year will be:

Garments that suit a multitude of purposes. There has been such a shift in the way we all live that I think people will adapt to this change through the way they dress. We are already seeing the rise of the tracksuit so who knows what will come next….

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