5 Minutes With Marie: What's next for Fashion Exposed Now?

Fashion Exposed Now head honcho Marie Kinsella reflects on the successful relaunch of the trade show.

Fashion Exposed Now relaunched in Melbourne this year. How many brands were present?

175 exhibitors exhibited at Fashion Exposed Now, across a mix of womenswear, footwear and accessories.

Who were the main attendees?

In the breakdown of attendees, we found the 75% of visitors were either retailers, stylists or designers.

The trade show will head to Sydney in February, 2018. What new changes can we expect?

We were very pleased with the feedback received from Fashion Exposed Now. Like every newly formed event there are certain areas that need to be developed to succeed in such a dynamic industry. The February event will seek to broaden the range of brands as well as launch a 'Beach & Body' section featuring intimates, sleepwear, swim and resort wear.

How many exhibitors are you aiming to attract to Sydney?

With 1500 square metres of space, we have the space to accommodate 125 quality exhibitors to join us at this industry event.

What about buyers?

We are hoping to attract over 2000 buyers to the Sydney show in February. Retailers that attended Melbourne loved the fashion smorgasbord on offer. By attending, they were privy to the unparalleled opportunity to spend two days meeting and buying from brands featured at the event.

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