Holiday Trading & Co brings their lifestyle brands to the show.

Holiday Trading & Co. is targeted at customers who are:

Stylish and free spirited, the Holiday woman is all of us. A woman who enjoys life to the fullest and appreciates high quality fashion garments, affordable prices and the Holiday point of difference. We have several brands to cater to our customer including: Holiday, Talisman, Brave + True, The Shanty Corporation, True North, Holiday Home and The Slip.

The brand's point of difference is:

Our loyal following. It comes from the trust of many years’ experience within the retail space. Many of our lifestyle stores focus the majority of their stock on homewares, and incorporate our easy to style clothing for add on sales in store. This is where Holiday Trading & Co. have cleverly tied their homewares, jewellery and clothing labels together to have a stronger presence in stores.

The Fashion Exposed Now collection will include:

A thoughtfully curated collection of our bestselling summer styles for high summer 17/18. We have done all the hard work for the retailer. Winner shapes, colour palettes, prints, fabrications and price points - ranged and merchandised so they can go straight into store. This is the opportunity to fill store racks for that key lead into Christmas and peak summer selling season. We will also feature our stunning new capsule Holiday jewellery range and summer Holiday Accessories Bar.

My favourite piece from the collection is:

Our new summer linen collection is beautiful. It adds value and style to every summer wardrobe. I'm also excited about our gorgeous new summer hat label. If you’re a "hat girl" this is heaven!

The wholesale price points for the range:

Start at $4.50 for jewellery in the Holiday range and peak at $75 for an item in The Shanty Corporation range.

Our manufacturing is:

A fascinating patchwork of people. We have several family owned manufacturing businesses that we have been working with since the inception of our foundation label - Holiday. Finding companies to work with when we were first starting out was very difficult as we were small and couldn't do any quantity. But for the ones who did support us - we have supported them right back and many are still with us today. We have grown together - sharing the experiences, highs and lows, crazy deadlines, pitfalls and challenges and mostly the great satisfaction of creating beautiful things from the very beginning of an idea. Our manufacturing units and their staff are our friends now as well as colleagues and it's a wonderful outcome after many years of very hard work. We mainly work in India and China, but also parts of The Philippines

Holiday Trading & Co. is currently stocked in:

Over 1000 lifestyle, fashion and homewares stores in Australia and New Zealand. We have several special stores in the U.K. and France and are currently in discussions with stores in the US for next summer.

I predict the biggest trend this year will be:

Romantic and exaggerated details coming through in bell sleeves, ruffle and fringed skirts and embroidery. I think we will see more high fashion denim and a continuing love affair with natural fabrics for summer.