Everyday I come to work pumped that I get to help business owners and marketers become more successful. From working with 200+ ecommerce stores, we’ve learnt that while every online business is unique, there’s a clear formula that ecommerce companies can use to grow visibility, increase traffic and grow their customer base.

As Google Certified Partners, we’ve been lucky to help plenty of clients smash through the elusive 7 figure sales mark and keep on powering.

As the crusty old MD of digital marketing agency Gorilla 360, my job is to guide our clients and team of Gorillas through the online jungle. We use a suite of marketing tactics to help clients grow their online sales including SEO, Google Shopping, Advanced Analytics, Email Automation and Social Selling.

Scott will be presenting 4 Magic Steps to Growing Your Online Sales at The Forum, 1.30pm - 2.30pm on Saturday 9 February.

Facebook: @gorilla360aus